Associated Companies
pacnetEstablished in June 2005 in Balikpapan to introduce the Broadband Internet and various associated services, PACNet has become one of the... more
PT Transkon Jaya is an established local company based in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, specialising in 4X4 Vehicle rentals, Servicing, "On site" Workshops and Parts Supply to mining and oil & gas industries.

PT Transkon Jaya has branch and site workshops at Sangatta, and has around 12 remote site workshops including Gunung Bayan, Sanga-sanga, MSJ, MHU, Wahana, Muara Tuhup, Indo Muro, Santan, and other sites, providing a range of services at those locations and the sorrounding areas.

The company receives technical specialist assistance and consulting from PT Ansindo Resources - a team of expatriate and local specialists who have had extensive experiences at all levels of operations in these fields and in these industries.